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The Penis Ring article you need to read before getting one.

An indispensable accessory for the man who wants to stimulate the partner and keep the penis erect longer.

The penis ring is a sex toy for men with a rounded shape, most of the time, which is used in the penis for those who want to prolong their erection besides, besides having and giving more pleasure to their partner. It is also recommended for men who have erectile dysfunction or any type of difficulty in keeping an erection for a longer amount of time. There are many options for cock rings including different colors, shapes, and textures, but that doesn’t mean it is hard to find one that matches your needs and wants. You don't have to worry about the size both as 99% of them are elastic and expand between 2 to 3 times their diameters, making easier to put on.


What does a penis ring do?

The penis ring exerts a small amount of pressure on the penis, or the penis and testicle depending on the model, which limits the passage of blood, blocking the escape of blood from the corpus cavernous, so the penis becomes rigid longer than usual. In addition, by limiting blood flow, the sex ring postpones a man’s ejaculation, which is a big deal for those who suffer from premature ejaculation. The use of a penis ring also makes the orgasm much more intense. The man wearing one feels more a more powerful climax and the reflex is seen (or better, felt!) during sex. There are several models available in adult stores, each one for a specified use. See the variations of penis rings below and choose the best one that fits your expectations.  

Ring Retarder - this kind of ring constricts the passage of blood in the erect penis to delay ejaculation and maintain a more rigid erection for more time. For this reason, this type of penis ring has very little elasticity. You will definitely need to use one with lube, we recommend a water-based lubricant, to slide the ring on, after you get an erection, from the head to the end of the penis, leaving it on the base of the male member, where the majority of the large veins are located. This can maximize its effectiveness. Some models also feature textures or bumps to increase sensitivity and stimulate even more. In fact, these are one of the cheapest sex toys available. 


Vibrating Ring - the best sellers in adult stores, vibrating rings perform in the same way to the conventional functions mentioned above, but with a plus, they have a mini vibrator that generates intense stimulation. They are positioned strategically to stimulate the partner's clit or anus when penetration occurs. The use is exactly the same as the retarder ring, with the vibrations as an advantage. Some vibrating penis ring models are rechargeable via USB and extremely powerful. The high-tech models sometimes have remote control and even can be controlled by an app at long distance.


Double Penetrator Penis Ring - for women who love or have always wanted to feel the sensation of dual penetration, the double penetrator penis rings are perfect. In order to put them on, the man must be erect, this way he will need to open the ring, which is more flexible than others, and place onto the base of the penis. There are also some models that have vibrators attached to stimulate external areas like clitoris or anus during penetration, or even vibrating bullets that must be inserted inside the ring before penetration to make internal stimulation.


Dual Ring - these rings fit both at the base of the penis and at the base of the testicles. They also restrict blood flow, and according to users, this type of penis ring boosts the size of the penis while adding pleasure and endurance. To use it, you must first place apart onto the base of the penis and then open the ring below to pass the scrotum.


Metal Ring - are not so conventional and are most commonly used for BDSM practice. These are the most dangerous type of penis ring because the ring is placed with the penis relaxed and exert pressure only when an erection occurs. If the ring is too small for the size of the penis, it may suffer a bottleneck that can lead to serious damage, and if it is too large, the ring will have no function as it will not be able to hold the blood flow.

Picture of Silver Ring - Small
Picture of Alloy Metallic Ring - XL


Lasso Ring - the only retarder ring model that is fully adjustable. Simple to use and easy to adjust, this type is ideal for beginners. Slip the loosened loop around the erect penis and then tighten it up for a customized fit that feels comfortable and works great. 


How to use the penis ring?

Now that you know what a penis ring is used for and the kinds of rings available in erotic shops, you should ask yourself: how do I use it? The answer will depend on the model you choose and what purpose you want. During masturbation or with a partner, make sure to use water-based lubricants. Don't forget to ask your partner permission to use a ring during penetration, sometimes others don't feel comfortable and can make this moment a disaster. 


Recommendations for using the penis ring

For safety and to get the most out of your penis ring, don’t use it longer than 30 minutes – this is true for all models! Restricting blood flow to the penis any longer than 30 minutes could cause vascular and nerve damage. With the exception of the metal ring, all others should be placed on when the penis is erect.

The penis ring can also be used in masturbation the benefits will be the same, making masturbation even more pleasurable. We always recommend that people explore their creativity but, we do not encourage the use of unsuitable materials like ropes or elastic. 

If you feel pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, stop using the ring immediately. Get to know all the models of penis rings available on our website.


How to remove the penis ring

After using the ring during penetration or masturbation, you will need to remove it for hygiene. Wait until your penis becomes soft and begin to slowly slide the ring to the tip. If you need to remove the ring urgently, as in during an emergency, pass ice across the penis to lose the erection and remove the ring. 

In general, after ejaculation, the penis loses the erection or part of it, and this will help you to remove it, most likely only using your fingertips to expand it a little and remove it safely.


How to clean the penis ring

The simplest and most practical form of hygiene is to clean the ring with mild soap and water. You can also use a toy cleaner, which will maintain the quality of your product for longer. Do it before and after use, avoiding contamination with other objects. Remember, the vibrator models are not always waterproof, so it is important to remove the vibrating capsule before cleaning it.

Do you have any other questions? Leave your comment below, your concerns may be similar to others. You can comment anonymously if you prefer. Or contact us, we will be happy to help.


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