The best guide ever on how to ejaculate a lot and shoot it far away

Since the beginnings, men and women have the retention of men penis as a symbol of masculinity, strength, and dominance. Orgasm by itself is not considered sufficient to prove the intensity of its power, but rather the volume of ejaculation and how far can it achieve. For those who don't even come close to a powerful cum the sensation is uncomfortable, since this act is associated with masculinity, and in general, many people still consider that the more "male" the man is, the more "potent" he will be in bed with a voluminous and powerful ejaculation as evidence.

When you ejaculate your body has contractions that pump out the semen and cause the pleasurable feelings you experience. The more contractions you have, the better orgasms you will have and the more sperm is released and unloaded. Some men try to pump ejaculation, thinking that the volume may increase from a day to another using only ejaculation cosmetics which make them act like a pornstar.

In fact, one thing has no connection with the other, it is not necessary to ejaculate 10 liters and push this into your partner interior with force, or shooting cum all over to look like a pro. Sometimes the last longer in bed, giving and having pleasure, provide a stronger feeling to the partner more powerful than they show in porn movies. For some women, the contact with the sperm can cause the sensation of pleasure and can be enough to take her to the apex of climax with the famous female ejaculation.

Overall, men and women have many doubts on how to get a lot of powerful ejaculation, this is why the Sex Shop Online Intimi Toys wrote the best guide about how to ejaculate with power, or at least get close to it, and overcome your shortcomings. Follow the steps and notice if something change. 

Reduce the daily stress - stress is the illness of the century and is entirely related to loss of male sperm intensity or for the desire to have sex for female. Research indicates that when a person is irritated, there is damage in the production of sperm and serotonin, resulting in a weak ejaculation and low natural lubricant, even during sexual intercourse with a high level of excitement. Experts point out that any emotional abuse can interfere in the libido of both men and women.

Get physical exercise - the practice of physical exercises strengthen the muscles and is a good option to make the blood circulate the body with higher speed, helps the production of new sperm and cause better ejaculations. For women is the same relation. Arm flexion or burpees are highly recommended by experts because it helps in blood circulation while giving better resistance in bed. 

Decrease alcohol consumption - the excess of alcohol in blood compromises liver function and therefore increases estrogen rates, interfering directly in sperm production or natural female lubricant. This occurs because the estrogen will be concentrated in the liver instead others part of the body. According to experts, drinking two drinks a day already causes sperm levels to be compromised.

Increase the number of amino acids in your meals - foods that have amino acids are responsible for maintaining a healthy agglomeration of spermatozoa, these vitamins are abundant in vegetables, fruits or meats. The main ones that should be consumed every day are L-carnitine (red meat and milk), L-arginine (dried fruits, sesame seeds, and eggs), and L-Lysine (dairy products and cheeses).

Decrease masturbation - if you ever wondered why sometimes the men sperm are in excess and other a little watery, the answer is simple. The more you ejaculate the less density will be the sperm. If you want to cause a good impression for your partner, try to stay for 3 days without masturbation or having sex before hanging out.

Improve the quality of your diet - low fat but nutrient-rich food, cereals, and vegetables help to maintain good health, lose weight and at the same time assists in the production, speed and amount of sperm or natural lubrificant. Another diet different than that may affect directly the amount of sperm or fluid production an also tasty and smell. 

Control body temperature - lowering body temperature, especially in the genital region, enhance the chances of increased sperm production and fluids, 1° elevation in testicular temperature leads to 14% depression of spermatogenesis, according to researches. So, avoid wearing very tight underwear, wearing very hot material, or wearing socks and tight pants during sex.

Say goodbye to your cigarette - most of the available studies show that smoking has a negative impact on the arousal phase - erection and lubrication, smoking can also negatively affect fertility, promote certain sexual diseases and lead to an early menopause, according to Dr. Christian Rollini. Smokers who want to increase sperm volume need to quit as soon as possible. Besides being harmful to health, smoking decreases sperm count by 20%, and people who smoke are sexually slower.

Relax the body - rest is a fundamental step for the body to recover and produce a greater amount of sperm or fluids for women. The greatest production of sperm happens when the body is sleeping. Sleep from 6 to 8 uninterrupted hours a day, and notice a big difference. It is difficult to achieve great sexual performance while being tired.

Sexual Supplements - nowadays, there are many kinds of testosterone therapies pills with natural elements, to booster the sperm production, getting better orgasms and also helps immensely with fertility issues that may be happening because of low sperm count. In some cases, can also help in premature ejaculation. They are based in components such as carnitine (primarily found in milk and red meat) and lysine (amino acids) which helps to increase sperm and give better ejaculations, and may also contain ginseng, maca, guarana, shatavari, vitamins, zinc, and etc. For women, there is some daily multivitamin plant-based that helps nails, hair, health, skin, energy, digestion and hormonal balance and reflects directly in sex mood. 

Men and women who follow the above tips will be able to improve their libido and probably will enjoy a long, intense and sensational orgasm, absorbing intense sensations and ejaculating in an extraordinary way. In addition to the tips, there are many other methods to "get there", and one of them is using erotic products that help stimulate your erogenous zones. Want to check which ones are? See our products that help in ejaculation and get ready for delicious moments. Stop delaying orgasms. 

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