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Discreet Packing

The biggest concern for those who buy sex products online for the first time is: "Will people know what I am buying? Is the package discreet? Is the logo of the Sex Store stamped outside the box?"

Actually, most people prefer to buy online instead of having the embarrassment of visiting a physical sex store. Most of the time, boxes that arrive in the mail identify the store on the box through extensive advertising and logos, but NOT at Intimi Toys. You do not need to feel ashamed when receiving a sensual product at home. We prioritize your privacy, that is why we follow the steps below when delivering your order:

  1. Brown Box or Envelope Without Any Logo

    Unlike other e-commerce stores, our boxes and envelopes are smooth, brown, with only seal adhesives and shipping information from the Post Office / Carrier. There is no logo on the box or any visual clue of where the box came from or what it contains. Only after opening the box you can identify what the package is about.

  2. No Content Mention or Product Purchased in the External Area of the Box

    Our packages are totally discreet, they have no information about the content on the outside of the box. Also, they have no information that characterizes the purchase of an erotic product or similar. Your order is completely confidential, so the box is only opened by you, the recipient responsible for receiving the delivery.

  3. Sender Printed Label

    You will receive your box only with the recipient NI SERVICES AND SOLUTION LLC - our name for safe and private deliveries. The label printed on the outside of the package in which your product is shipped also has no logo and no mention of the product type. In other words, your privacy is totally guaranteed!

  4. Your Name and Address in Post Office / Carrier

    During the process of sending your product by the Post Office / Carrier, those involved in packing, sealing and delivering your box are not aware - at any time – of your name. The packing area only has access to the order number, and others are not even aware of the content inside the box or envelope. Therefore, your name and address are saved and are never tied to adult products. Total privacy!

  5. Boxes With Insurance Against Loss

    All of our deliveries have 100% insurance during the delivery. As a result, less than 0.2% of our packages had been lost in our history. Although, if a lost package happens with your order, do not worry, we will ship another package containing the same products as you requested, at no additional cost to you or to what you have originally purchased.

  6. Reinforced Cardboard Box and Plastic Bubble

    There is no worse feeling than getting a product that has been damaged by unsafe packaging, is not it? With your best shopping experience in mind, our boxes are made of a reinforced cardboard box to bear any abrupt handling. The contents are also wrapped in a piece of a plastic bubble, preventing them from damaging your product.

If you still have any questions, Intimi Toys is waiting for your comments and questions about our discreet packaging in the email [email protected]